Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Damage in Schulenburg, TX

This damage in a locally owned boutique was a result of an electrical fire that smoked up the contents inside the store. Notice the extent of soot damage; ... READ MORE

Molded bathroom at a local Bank

This molded bathroom  at a commercial property was the result of a leaking pipe over a long period of time in between the walls. Notice the extent of the s... READ MORE

Mold remediation in a toddler room

The customer had a mold infestation at her residential property due to a long-term roof leak, causing mold growth in her young daughter's bedroom. These photos ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Bryan, TX

This home in Bryan, TX experienced a severe fire in the kitchen which in turn bellowed hot smoke to the ceilings and throughout the home. Each room in the ... READ MORE

Mold remediation of local retail store

This high-traffic commercial building experienced some severe mold damage due to the heavy rains in the area which caused the building to flood with multiple fe... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in kitchen of home

These pictures are from a local residential property. This customer's kitchen was heavily affected by mold from a previous long-term sink leak. Much like other ... READ MORE

Animal waste in attic

This customer located in a local rural area had a problem with squirrels entering her home through a vent system on her roof and leaving waste through... READ MORE

Fire Damage due to lightning

This customer had a fire in their home due to a lightning strike during a major storm event. Although the fire itself was contained to one room in the house, th... READ MORE