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Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company

2/24/2023 (Permalink)

Man on the phone catching water in a bucket. If you’ve been through a flood and need help repairing the damage, these questions can help you find a qualified water damage restoration company.

Water damage is a serious and expensive problem. If you have a water damage emergency, it's critical to hire a company that has the experience, tools, and resources to get your home back in order quickly. If you're considering hiring a water restoration company to help with the cleanup of your home after a flood or some other type of disaster.

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Get the company’s license number and do a quick Google search to find out if they are indeed licensed. If they aren't, hire another company.

Asking this question will also help you determine if the company is bonded and insured. These two things are important because they protect your home from damage and the restoration company from liability in case of an accident. Licensing, bonding, and insurance are required by law in most states such as California. Insurance protects both you and them against lawsuits and provides legal protection for their employees during cleanup operations after water damage occurs at your home or business location.

Do you have experience with this type of damage?

If you're looking for a water damage restoration company, the first thing to do is find out if they have experience with your type of building and business.

There's no such thing as "one size fits all" when it comes to water damage restoration, and each type of property has its own set of problems. So before you hire a company or contractor, ask if they have experience working with your type of loss.

If they don't have any experience working on properties similar to yours, then consider hiring someone else that does. SERVPRO knows exactly what kind of damage needs fixing so that your investment can get back up and running ASAP!

How long have you been in business?

It's important to ask the water damage restoration company how long it has been in business. A reputable company will be able to provide you with a solid answer, and if they can't, that's a red flag.

This question is best answered by talking with either the owner or one of their senior employees. They should have enough experience to know exactly when their company was founded. This information may also help you determine whether or not they're certified and licensed and insured.

What kind of training do your employees receive?

Training is an important aspect of any business, but it's especially crucial when it comes to flooding and water damage. Water damage restoration companies are expected to provide high quality services and products that meet the needs of their customers. That's why you should ask about the training your potential contractor provides before hiring them.

Quality training should be provided in multiple settings: in-house, in the field, and/or in a classroom setting as well as online. Training will help ensure that employees can deliver quality work on every job they take on so that you're left feeling satisfied with their service delivery.

Can you help me file an insurance claim?

It’s important that the water damage company you hire can help you with the insurance claim process. While most people think of their local plumber as a person they could go to for anything and everything, this isn’t always the case when it comes to water damage restoration services. If a company doesn’t have experience working with insurance companies and filing claims, then they may not be able to help you get the money back that is owed to your business or home.

What is your process for water damage repair?

Your process for water damage repair depends on the type of damage. Small, localized damage can usually be repaired quickly with little or no drying time needed. This is because localized water doesn’t penetrate very deeply into your walls and floors, so it only affects a small area. The faster you can get in there and clean up the mess, the better! On the flip side, large-scale flooding can involve significant moisture penetration that requires several days or even weeks to dry out properly. In these cases, it’s not just about how long it takes for water to evaporate; you also need to ensure any remaining humidity doesn’t cause mold growth or otherwise compromise indoor air quality.

Do you offer 24/7 emergency services?

If you’re looking for a water damage restoration company, it's important to ask about their emergency services. Many homeowners don't realize that they need to be prepared for an emergency and have someone on standby at all times. If a pipe bursts or some other major problem occurs, it’s crucial that you have someone who can respond quickly and efficiently.

The best water damage restoration companies offer 24/7 service in addition to weekend hours, but what exactly do those terms mean? What makes one company better than another when it comes to emergency situations? Restoration companies are also available on nights, weekends, and holidays. We are here to help when you are in need of restoration emergency services.

If you’ve been through a flood and need help repairing the damage, these questions can help you find a qualified water damage restoration company.

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